Introducing a truly demountable partition system

Transform Your Workspace

Introducing a truly demountable partition system

Transform your Workspace

Full height glass doors are available in sliding or swinging styles, complete with reversible door hinges. NervalWall is made with low profile aluminum frames which retain floor to ceiling glass panels and a seamless, low visibility joint system to produce a structurally solid wall.

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About Nerval Corporation

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Manjit Nerval arrived in Canada in 1980, as an immigrant with very humble beginnings. As a growing, hungry young man, Manjit sought the first opportunity available to come to Canada, a land where he believed he could realize his dreams. He didn't know how quite yet, but he was ambitious, and his determination was conveyed clearly through his work ethic. From working as a custodian, driving a taxi and working in a meat production facility in his early days, Manjit was able to save enough money to start his own business. In 1985, Manjit Nerval founded Nerval Corporation. The company started with one retail location, and a year later the second location was opened. In 1987, Nerval started importing products from Korea, Taiwan and India.

In 1991, Nerval started importing from China. In 1999, Nerval opened a trading office in China, and in 2000 Manjit Nerval decided to set up his own factory, where he employed over 100 people. Years passed, and with a commitment to honest customer service, delivering quality products and an unshakable work ethic, Manjit was able to expand his operation to its present day capacity.






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The Clario Series of NervalWall features seamless glass partitions that combine functionality and contemporary elegance - transforming your internal space into a bright, productive workspace.

Features include a high level of acoustic performance, with a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 41, surpassing a traditional wall constructed with drywall, wood studs and fibreglass insulation (STC of 39).

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The Inspire Series of NervalWall offers unlimited design options. Many materials can be utilized as panels in the NervalWall System - laminated MDF board, whiteboards, glass, lighting, venetian blinds and fabric panels can be configured in unlimited combinations.

NervalWall can be finished in any RAL color.

Clear, etched and glass film optins are available. Glass thickness of 10mm to 12mm - the system is also compatible with 16mm glass.

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NervalWall provides for flexible, contemporary partitioning of working environments. the system is complete with glass sliding or swinging doors and can be ordered as floor to ceiling mount or free-standing. Created with a minimal number of aluminum profiles, enabling simple on-site changes and architectural modifications. The flexibility of the system provides up to 60 mm (2-3/8") of floor to ceiling height adjustment to accommodate uneven floors.

Glass Partition Walls (CLARIO)

The Clario Series of NervalWall features seamless glass partitions.

Sliding Glass Walls

Our single track, individual panel design handles wide spans of individual top-hung panels.

Folding Glass Walls

A low maintenance and simple option for creating flexible spaces, folding walls.

Frameless Glass Walls

Nerval Walls offers interior and exterior applications features a range of frameless.

Clean Installation

Designed for Designers

Installation and re-configuration produces no drywall dust, paint fumes and construction refuse. NervalWall installs quickly - our inventory is located in the greater Edmonton area for fast turnaround.

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Our customers say?

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Partnering with commercial & residential Builders

We know that your projects have to be on time and come in on budget. Nerval makes that happen. Our installation team will be onsite in a timely manner to ensure your project runs smoothly. From pre-measurement to final install our team of experts can handle all of your projects.

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NervalWall is a venture of Nerwall Corporation, Alberta-based business founded in 1985, servicing the construction, hospitality and wholesale industries.
Our 100,000 sq.ft. showroom is located in Sherwood Park, with over 500 linear feet of NervalWall to inspect, use and test. We work with it everyday, and it works for us. We'd love to show it to you in person, please stop by!

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1001 Buckingham Drive Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada T8H 0X5

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