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Obesity is essentially a problem of modernization. It is associated with plethora of diseases like Diabetes, high Blood Pressure, Infertility, Sleep apnea (snoring), Osteoarthritis, increase risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Obesity is reaching epidemic levels. It is the commonest cause of preventable death only second to smoking. Healthy living is the only bankable solution to prevent obesity. We at the COMS Centre have a wide spectrum of options available to solve this complex problem. At COMS, we have trained and accrediated dietician, psychologist and bariatric surgeons to formulate tailor made solutions to conquer obesity. We believe that everybody deserves a “second chance” and we would be delighted to hand hold you through this exciting journey into “a new second life”.

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What to expect when you meet the doctor?

• Your doctor will review your medical history
• He will do details physical examination
• He will explain you various weight loss methods
• He will explain in detail about surgical procedures
• He will also evaluate mental health of the patient
• He will recommend counselling with registered dietician who will be a part of the team.

What are the steps to proceed for the surgery?

• Meet the doctor
• Fix an appointment for all tests which are required before the surgery
• Fix up a date for surgery, if tests are normal
• If BMI is more than 40-45, you will be given high protein liver shrinkage diet for 10-15 days prior to surgery.
• You will be trained to do breathing exercise
• You will be encouraged to do light physical activity depending upon your physical state.
• You will be seen by anaesthetist to make sure that you are fit for anaesthesia.
• You will need to be admitted a night before or early morning on the day of the surgery.
• It is better to have soap water bath in the morning of surgery.
• You will be taken to OT at 7 am in the morning.
• General anesthesia will be given so you can sleep during the surgery.
• Intravenous (IV) line will be placed in your hand for fluids and medications
• Tiny punctures will be made in the abdominal wall for telescope and instruments for the surgery and water proof small dressings will be placed at the puncture site.
• You will remain in recovery room for couple of hours for observation.
• You will be encouraged to walk in the recovery room itself.
• It is good to have small 4 to 6 small meals during a day after 4-5 weeks.
• Early physical activity should be encouraged. Any physical activity which might give you pleasure like swimming, gymming, cycling and brisk walking as desirable.

When to call your doctor?

• In case of fever with chills
• Breathing difficulty
• Severe abdominal pain
• Repeated nausea and vomiting
• Discharge / bleeding from puncture site
• Chest pain
• Black stool/ blood in stool

Average hospital stay

Average hospital stay is two days.

Success Story

A big part of having bariatric surgery is following your surgeon’s post-op instructions, changing your lifestyle by eating a healthier diet, consuming smaller meals throughout the day and engaging in a dedicated exercise program. After surgery, one of our top concerns will be your health. Our dedicated team of experts provides comprehensive care that will help you.
While everyone’s recovery from weight loss surgery is unique…Read more

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